Monday, September 20, 2010

Milestone: Six Months

It was fitting that on the six month milestone of my Mum's death it was raining - nonstop, bucketing down. 

The weather was somewhat poetic - mirroring what I was feeling at this half-way point of my first year without Mum. 

A few months ago, I figured that with time I'd feel more settled, more accepting of my Mum's passing.

I still think of Mum most hours of the day. The six month milestone was very difficult, not only the day itself but the lead up to it. Missing her so very very much. Six months on, not much has changed. 

I wish that I could hear her voice one more time.

I wish that I could sit beside her, feel her warm embrace and soft skin.

I wish she was here to enjoy the glorious Summer just passed.

I wish for so many things.... 

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