Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Beautiful Bereavement Card

I have a habit of collecting meaningful greeting cards for 'just in case' occasions. Many of these cards never end up leaving my house - I fall in love with their message or image and choose to keep them close.

Here's one example that I found this past Autumn at a local shop. It's dressed with a lovely sentiment from writer, James Joyce. 

They lived and laughed and loved and left.

(inside) And the world will never be the same. Deepest sympathy.

It's so melancholy and achingly beautiful... I just had to keep it. 

If you would like this gorgeous card, it's a creation of Positively Green, and can be purchased at this link


Jeannine said...

Thank you for posting this!! You are absolutely right - what a fantastic, simple and sincere sympathy card. I often get frustrated when trying to find an appropriate card to send to someone grieving. I went to this website and ordered five cards to keep on hand. Great find - and again, thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

Hi Jeannine,

I love the simplicity of this card's message. It's honest message is timeless and the image so simple yet striking. I'm glad that you find it as lovely as I do. I had never heard of Positively Green until I found this card (and several others) in my neighbourhood. They offer many gorgeous cards for all sorts of occasions. I think that I've found a new favourite.

Thanks for visiting. :)

NiamhG said...

Hi Jackie,
I avoid this blog as often as I can but sneak a look when I need to. Having a bad day today as my mum will be gone 14 years Sunday week. I really, really like this card. It made me smile. Thanks and . . thanks.