Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coping: The Great Book Search (Part 2)

Thanks to the kind heart of one of my dearest friends, I finally feel that I've discovered a book that is helping me with my grief. 

'Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die' by David Kessler has been a godsend to me. 

It's beautifully written, and has been an amazing comfort to me. Kessler handles the topic of leaving this world for the next with sensitivity and compassion. I only wish that I had found this book before my Mum passed away. 

I always be grateful to my dear D who gave me this insightful book. xo


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this and your journey. I have put David Kessler's book on my "wishlist." Having lost my mom 3 years ago (it can't be that long can it?) I know what you're going through. My mom didn't live close by but the pain of losing her is no less than if I had seen her every day. I wish you happy thoughts and strength on this journey.

Jackie said...

Thanks for visiting, Suzanne. I appreciate your kind words and support.

David Kessler's book is wonderful - I hope you find some comfort in it as I did.