Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mum Loved: Tom Jones

To say that I'm a major music geek is a bit of an understatement. I've been to concerts both at home and abroad in the triple digits, own hundreds of CDs and have an iPod stuffed to the gills with songs & music videos. I've come by my love of music honestly. You could say that a passion for music was in my genes ~ my Mum always had her favourites too. 

As a wee kid in the '70s, I remember my parents and their friends traveling downtown to catch a certain famous Welshman, Mr. Tom Jones in concert.

Mum's experience at the concert probably mirrored many who attended. The music was poppy & full of energy and the crowd...well, everyone has heard the accounts of crazy Tom Jones fans running up the auditorium aisles - all trying to toss their underwear up on stage to the suave Mr. Jones.

My Mum preferred to stay by her seat & just enjoy the music. As I got older, I too took in several of Tom's shows, sharing the experience with my Mum. And yes, those women with the undies were still there, still adding that theatrical aspect to the proceedings. Funny.

Years later my job made it possible for Mum to meet Tom Jones. She was shy, giddy, very quietly excited. I've been very fortunate to meet many famous folk but this occasion in the studio with Sir Tom and Mum was by far, the best and most memorable. 

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